India # TajMahal

“The journey of a lifetime starts with 1 step”

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Dubai #DesertSafari

“I’m an adventurer in seek of treasure”

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Rome #Collosseum

“When in Rome…do as the Romans do”

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The world is at your finger tips

So many people live a lifeless existence. Scared to think outside the box, scared to take risks, scared to go after their dreams whole heartedly…scared to live & scared to die. SMH

They say you have two lives…1 starts the day you were born, and the other starts when you are near death. My 2nd life started on July 29th, 2012 after my 15 year old sister Danielle was shot in the head by a stray leaving her paralyzed and unable to walk or talk. That was my last chilling wakeup call on how short, fragile & unpredictable life really is. Since then I’ve been living fully, traveling the world and coaching others on how to become successful.

Don’t wait until you are sick, or dying, or until you lose someone you love to truly start LIVING!! I challenge you to take a leap of faith and go after that one thing that you are terrified of doing. YUP! That exact thing that just came to your mind!  I’m in this with you!  It’s time to start designing your life!


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