Whether you need help navigating the dating world, or seeking a blueprint on how to become more successful, these books can help. Order on Amazon.



Do you feel stuck? Do you have goals but not quite sure what your next step should be? If so...then you need a life coach.



Not getting the results you want from your team? Does your organization need to be inspired? Book Baje to share her life changing story!



A GOAL Digger's Guide - How to Get What You Want Without Giving it Up.

The Break Up Guide - How to Get Over it in Half  the Time.

Why Are You Not Successful Now? 10 Steps to Get Ahead



As your life coach i'll help you to define your goals and break them into measurable steps so you can achieve them quicker. I'll coach you through discovering your passion and generating income from it. I'll be your voice of reasoning and accountability partner. I'll help you to uncover the habits that have been holding you back, and will tailor a custom plan for you so that you can be successful.




If your group or organization needs a speaker to inspire them...then look no further. Allow Baje to share her story and encourage your team to design the lives they deserve. This woman has been bounced from home to home since her parent's divorced when she was six. She was sent to live in Jamaica, she ended up in numerous foster homes, and her mother passed from cancer when Baje was a teen.  She went to 8 different high schools and still managed to start college at age 16. And this is only the beginning of her story.

Allow her to share her journey with you and the success principles she learned along the way that has allowed her to be an outstanding mother, best selling author, successful business woman, world traveler & philanthropist.

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